Mathieu Gaubert

Technical Leader / Cloud Architect


Passionated, I like to learn new ways to deliver infrastructures to my clients. Automation is one of my native language. I’m trying to fit the best solution to the requirements of my clients.

Work Experience

Cloud and Kubernetes Architect / Ops

Metanext / Renault-Digital | Feb. 2019 - Present

Design and deploy a Platform as a service based on Kubernetes on GCP. Designed to host innovative applications, this platform allows the client to secure their applications, deploy their cloud infrastructure, monitor their applications by code.

  • Design and implement the platform
  • Monitor the infrastructure components
  • Agile methodologie
  • Support to clients


Kubernetes Architect / Expert

Metanext / Meteo France | Sept. 2020 - Oct. 2020

Deployment of a private Kubernetes on baremetal

  • Deploy Kubernetes through Rancher 2.5
  • Architecture Design and Documentation
  • Kubernetes Evangelisation


OpenStack Expert

Metanext / Meteo France | Nov. 2019

Deployment of a private cloud platform based on OpenStack.

  • Deploy OpenStack through OpenNext solution
  • Architecture Documentation


Product Owner - Private Cloud

Metanext / Carrefour | Apr. 2018 - Dec. 2019

As a Product Owner and Architect of the Private Cloud Platform, I gather the clients needs, prioritize them and explain them to the development team, in a SAFe agile environment.

  • Redaction of the Architecture documentation (based on the team development
  • Preparation of the SAFe ceremonies (Backlog Refinement, PI Planning, Sprint Planning
  • Redaction of the Features and User Stories, based on the clients needs and technical needs of the development team.
  • Client support
  • Help of the development team on the deployment and development tasks


  • Deployment: MaaS, OpenStack-Ansible, Ansible
  • OpenStack: Keystone, Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Glance, Swift, Octavia, Horizon, Heat
  • Storage: Ceph
  • Infrastructure Components: Prometheus, Grafana, PFSense

Private Cloud Architect / OpenStack Expert

Metanext / DGFIP | Apr. 2017 - Apr. 2018

As part of the creation of an inter-ministerial Private Cloud, I studied, designed and deployed an OpenStack based private Cloud.

  • Study of the community OpenStack deployments (Kolla-Ansible / OpenStack-Ansible)
  • Automation, through Ansible, of the differents deployment tools.
  • Creation of the documentation and development standards, for the ansible roles and playbooks.
  • Deployment of the Git infrastructure (Gitlab) and Git Project Structure
  • Security audit of Kolla-Ansible


OpenStack Consultant

Metanext / Carrefour | Nov. 2016 - Fev. 2017

Study on how to integrate existant network components with N OpenStack infrastructures

  • Network Audit
  • Technology Watch on OpenStack IPAM/FWaaS/LBaaS integration
  • Competitive intelligence on DDI, Firewalls and Loadbalancer
  • Technical Workshop animation
  • Architecture proposals
  • Partners and suppliers relationship


  • OpenStack: Neutron, LBaaS, FWaaS, Pluggable IPAM
  • Network: IPAM, DNS, Firewall orchestration (Tufin), Loadbalancer (F5)

OpenStack Quality Engineer

Metanext / Thales Services | Mar. 2016 - Oct. 2016

Validation of the OpenStack environment and internal developments

  • Validation of the Kilo update
  • Validation of puppet deployment
  • Installation of the integration environment
  • Configuration of the Pulse Connect VPN


  • OpenStack (Kilo): Nova, Neutron, Keystone, Glance, Cinder, Heat, Ceilometer, Horizon, Postgresql, RabbitMQ, Lbaas, FWaas, DNSaaS
  • Others: Pulse Connect Secure, Ubuntu 14.04, vSphere 5.5, Libvirt, Puppet, Nginx

OpenStack Architect / Engineer

Atos / SFR | Jul. 2015 - Feb. 2016

Deployment of a NFV platform based on OpenStack

  • Redaction of the architecture documentations
  • Technical Referent on OpenStack
  • Deployment of the platform
  • Automation of the deployment
  • Management of the bugs (Client / Partners)
  • Security audit and answers to ANSSI recommandations


  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform 6 (Juno): Nova, Neutron, Keystone, Glance, Cinder, Ceilometer, Horizon, MariaDB, Galera, Pacemaker, RabbitMQ, HAProxy
  • Hardware optimizations: PCI-Passthrough/SR-IOV/NUMA Zones
  • Others: RHEL 7.1, Libvirt, UCS Manager, Netapp

OpenStack Architect / Engineer

Atos / Europe | Nov. 2014 - Mai. 2015

OpenStack and SDN integration POC

  • Redaction of the architecture documentations
  • Technology Watch on OpenSource SDN controllers (OpenDayLight, FloodLight, Onos)
  • Deployment of the SDN Architecture in a virtualized OpenStack Platform (Juno)


  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform 6 (Juno): Nova, Neutron, Keystone, Glance, Cinder, Horizon
  • Network: OpenDayLight, Mininet
  • Others: RHEL 7, VMware

Integration Engineer

Atos / SFR | Apr. 2014 - Nov. 2014

Deployment of a Mobile VPN solution based on Opencloud Rhino

  • Automation and industrialization of the platform deployment. (Creation of a SVN repository, Definition of the deployment methodologies, Deployement of the integration, testing and production platform
  • Benchmark the solution (Creation of the bench tools, Benchmark, Proposition on the platform evolution


  • Others: RHEL 6, OpenCloud Rhino, JMeter, SOAPUi, Testlink, Postgres, SVN, TCAP, SIP

Integration Engineer / Technical Leader

Atos / SFR | Nov. 2010 - Apr. 2014

Multi-Master, Highly resilient LDAP infrastructure for Telcos

  • Build of the test strategy (test plans redaction, execution, automation)
  • Deployment of the Data Recovery Platform
  • Internal and External technical referent on the platform
  • Redaction of commercial proposals
  • Redaction of Architectural documentations
  • Level 3 support referent
  • Management of the deployment and Regular Service Check


  • Solaris 10, Multi Master LDAP DSEE, SOAP/REST Webservices, Apache, Data Recovery Plan, Perl, Php, Bash, MySQL, Cacti